Be a Freelance Writer

Be a Freelance Writer

Jay Gregorio
Jay Gregorio

Ang isa sa mga patok na work from home jobs ngayon ay ang pagiging Freelance Writer. Karamihan ng mga naghahanap ng freelance writers ay hindi nire-require na graduate ka ng journalism or similar course.

Actually, they don’t even ask for your academic credentials. What is important to them is to see your previous works or for some, take a writing exam.

Ano ba yung writing exam na pinapagawa nila? Bibigyan ka nila ng topic at kung ano ang required number of words for the article. Once you’ve completed it at pasok naman sa kanilang taste ang style of writing mo and if you agree to their budget, then you get the job! That simple.

Kaya nga kahit na wala kang experience, you can still be a freelance writer as long as you have a way with words and you really have a passion in writing or storytelling. Napakalawak ng possible opportunities sa writing.

Freelance writers can take on a wide range of projects from a variety of different employers. Why? Because you can literally write about anything under the sun depending on what is required of you.

You can take on a job writing about your hobbies, other people’s interests, food, travel, culture, news, finance, DIYs, medical information, etc. Your content may be used for a blog, a company’s website, social media platforms and also in print materials like magazines or newsletters.

Standard Requirement

The most basic requirement for this remote job opportunity is your sample work. Make sure maka-ipon ka ng mga articles mo, either from your previous commissions. Kung first-timer ka, you can make your own articles. Choose your niche. Anong topic ka interesado? By choosing what interests you, it will save you tons of time sa kaka-research ng mga bagay na hindi ka pa familiar. If you write your experiences or your interests, it will make your first time a walk in the park.

How much do I get paid?

There are two ways on how you get paid as a Freelance Writer. You can be paid per word written or a packaged amount per article, blog or content you make. Though napakaraming writing jobs available at napakalawak ng job opportunities, some employers (hindi naman lahat ah!) don’t put much premium on writer’s talent.

Some may pay you for as low as 35 cents (in peso cents ah) per word. But for some employers na sanay mag-hire ng Freelance Writers (mostly foreign clients), they can pay you as much as 50 cents (in dollars) per word. So that’s P25.00 per word. Average articles are 500 words so pwede kang kumita ng up to P12,500 per content na gagawin mo. If you can just write 1 article per week, you can earn as much as P50,000 a month!

Where to apply?

Most popular sites you can apply are Upwork,,, WritersLabs and Freelancers. You can also check out a number of Writers’ Groups in Facebook, as well as Advertising Groups where they are in constant lookout for writers.

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