3 Simple Ways to Win A Customer

3 Simple Ways to Win A Customer

Jay Gregorio
Jay Gregorio

Napapansin mo ba na napakadami ng mga nagtatayo na iba’t-ibang businesses kung saan-saan. Lahat na yata ng pwede mong maisip na negosyo ay naitayo na.

Kaya naman it is really a competitive world out there. Everyone is trying their best to get clients to get a chunk of the market.

But no need to worry, I will break it down and make it easier for you. Kahit ano pa man ang business mo, you just need to focus on these 3 simple ways to win customers.

  • Be of more service.

    You’ve heard of serving your clients. But there is a higher form of service. Ito yung you go beyond what is expected of you. And you do this because you sincerely want to make your customers happy at hindi lang dahil you will get paid or you want something out of them. Pinakikinggan mo mabuti yung needs ng mga clients mo because you really want to understand them. Because by getting to know them, you will be able to serve them better. You are not in it just to serve. You want to set the bar. Gusto mong makatulong. You want to be of MORE service.

  • Be honest.

    Always leave a good impression to your customers. And how do you do that? From the start, be honest right away. Huwag mo silang i-“sales talk”. Meaning, huwag kang mambobola. Do not oversell. Magpakilala ka, introduce your company, present your products/services and hear them out. Listen if it is something they need. If not, it’s okay. You let them go. Huwag mong ipilit to the point na mambobola ka na. Be thankful that you were given a chance to present. Kung interested naman sila sa ino-offer mo, great! Then you can now proceed to the next step.
  • Deliver.

    Of course, once everything is settled, make sure you deliver what you promised and you deliver on time. By doing this, you are able to build a strong foundation of trust between you and your customer. They will be impressed and they will learn to trust you. At dahil sa tiwala na yan, magiging panatag ang loob nila sa iyo. And if that is the case, guess what? You won’t need much effort in getting new clients. Sila na ang mag-rerefer sa iyo dahil maganda ang naging experience nila with you. The most authentic and powerful tool in marketing is word of mouth. It is hard to beat that.

If you do your research, napakaraming ways to get clients. But you know what? If you just practice these 3 steps I shared with you first, then you’re off to a good start!

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