What is a Sales Funnel

What Is A “Sales Funnel”?

Jay Gregorio
Jay Gregorio
A sales funnel is a model for marketing products and services. It was around long before the internet, but happens to apply really well to digital business.

The reason why it’s called a “funnel” is because you move people through it from top to bottom.

In our case as online marketers and bloggers, people start at the top of the funnel when they first discover your blog, read your free content and then subscribe to your email list.

Kung gusto mong magkaroon ng time freedom un tipong may business ka na hindi mo kailangan mamg explain one-on-one at kung gusto mo na magkaroon ng isang successfull na business sa internet kailangan mo itong matutunan…

In this post bibigyan din kita ng mga resources and example how “Sales Funnel Really Works”

Siguro isa ito sa mga tanong paano ba yan gawin?

Ano ang mga Tools na kailangan ko para ma implement yan sa business ko?

First: You need a sales funnel builder na gagamitin mo para magawa mo sya ng hindi mo kailangang mag hire ng web developer to do it for you.. You can do it on your own dahil marami ng available tools sa internet na magagamit mo ngayon.

Here are current and one of my favorite sales funnel builder. Visit ClickFunnels and get your FREE 14 days Trail.

If you’re using ClickFunnels you can do any kind of funnels na gusto mo…

That’s why i choose this powerful tools!

Identify this 5 areas before you create your own funnel:

  • A sales funnel from the time person comes to your website.
  • What actually happens?
  • Are you capturing contact info to become your leads?
  • Do you have products to sell?
  • Are you giving value? that is the sales funnel purpose.

At kapag nagawa mo na ito lahat na ma identify at nagawa mo na rin ang iyong first sales funnel.

Here’s your next step you need to master…

Getting people to your website. But the most important things about traffic is this…”Targeted & Highly Qualified Traffic”
Meaning to say out of 100 people came to your website. How many people end up to buy your products or offer and How much spend up on buying your products.
How I Earned "P51,600 In Just 20/DAYS"
My Conversion in the last 7 days…
Ipapakita ko din sayo dito ang real conversion formula na ginagamit ko para mas madali mo sya maunawaan.

The Formula:

200+ visitors / on your landing page per day
30% of 200 visitors convert into leads (subscribers)
30% of 200 = 60 qualified leads per day
60 x 10 = 600 leads (10 days)
600 leads 3% buy and join 3% of 600 = 18 New direct customers, sales in 10 Days

EX: Products: Php 2000 x 18 = Php 36,000 that is the actual conversion.


…Here’s the good news marketing is learnable and trainable skills.

I hope this email helps you a lot and give you more value. If you have any question pwede ka mag iwan ng messages sa ibaba ng blog post na’to.
See you next time…


  1. get more instagram followers
    January 18, 2018

    Hi I really enjoyed reading this article

  2. Rodj
    October 16, 2017

    mga magkano kaya magagastos kapag meron ng sariling website? magkano monthly ang maintenance? na kasama na yung Sales Funnel Builder...

  3. Cecilia D. Koyama
    August 3, 2017

    Good morning Coach Jay, about the traffic paano ba ang system o dapat gawin para makapag-invite ka ng traffic?

  4. ylecvalera
    June 2, 2017

    Dapat pala every day maka generate ka ng traffic na at least not lower than 100 visitors...wow! pano ko gagawin yon? sa isang tulad ko na part time lang..

  5. Racquel
    May 31, 2017

    Napaka powerful coach jay tenx for sharing your knoledge..godbless..:)

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