The 5 Productivity Habits of Successful Entrepreneur

Jay Gregorio
Jay Gregorio

In this Blog post pag uusapan natin ang 5 productivity habits na magbibigay sa’yo ng Aha! Moment… YES! un pala ang dahilan kung bakit marami ang nagiging successful na entrepreneurs. It’s all about applying this 5 productivity habit every single day.

This Topic are from the one of my Mentor and Coach Mau Magallanes isa din sya sa mga founder ng aming community and the reason kaya ko gusto na ishare sa’yo ang information and habit na ito ay para magamit mo rin sya at mai apply sa entrepreneur journey mo ngayun.

Let’s Start With…

HABIT#1 “Raised Your Ambition”

ambition will set you Fire within us… Heto rin ang mag bibigay sayo ng dahilan kung bakit mo ginagawa ang isang bagay or goals na gusto mong makuha.

“A dream without ambition is like a car without gas… you’re not going anywhere.” – Sean Hampton

What is the Action Key to Achieve your Ambition:

  • Visualization – You need to imagine, visualized things at dapat nakikita mo na sya mula sa isip pa lang… ibig sabihan possible na mangyari at magawa mo ang isang bagay.
  • Stay Connected – means dapat naka align ka lagi sa ambition mo and goals mo. You’re doing the things always na alam mong magbibigay sa’yo ng results na gusto mo.

HABIT#2  “Own Your Morning”

it will frames your day… napakahalaga ng habit na ito kailangan when you wake up alam mo na dapat ang gagawin mo.

Here’s the Action Key na pwede mo i apply:

  • Wake Up and Change your State!
  • You need to have a Plan and Strategies

HABIT#3 “Work the Needle Movers”

It will keeps you on Track.

Action Key:

  • Use 80/20 Pareto Rule Correctly
  • Prioritized Impact not ease

HABIT#4 “Learn-Do-Teach”

It will Build your credibility and give your result FAST!

Action Key:

  • Acquire Skills – Never Limit yourself… mahalaga na mataas ang belief mo sa sarili mo na lahat ng necessary skills na kinakailangan mo para makuha mo ang sucess sa business mo ay kaya mong magawa at mapag-aralan.
  • Take Action – “Massive and Consistent Action is the Golden Key” na kailangan mo i apply every single day.
  • Show Up! – Don’t be Shy kaibigan! ipakita mo sa lahat na kaya mo at magagawa mo.

HABIT#5 “Use Performance Enhancer”

It will sustain your energy

Action Key:

  • Sleep 6-8 Hours – Very Important! “Our Health is a True Wealth”
  • Hydration – Drink Water
  • Transition Recovery – if you’re to much busy on your activities… you need to break in avery 45 minutes… at least by doing that ma rerefresh ang mind mo at ma cocondition.

In order to succeed in any area of life, you have to work on that area consistently. By building the right habits, you increase your chances of success.

Thank you for reading and watching the video, kaibigan kung sa tingin mo ay nakakuha ka ng mga valuable information sa topic na’to. Leave your thoughts or comment below.



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