Learn How To Brand Yourself Online In Any Industry

Jay Gregorio
Jay Gregorio

Before we start with the tips and strategy about branding.

Let me ask you a question?

Think about the most successful company or people in the world like; Apple, Paypal, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Etc.?



Naitanong ko din dati ito why these companies and people are very popular and successful, and i realized not because they have a great products and services… they are all have one thing in common… they have a Brand for their existence in every niche and every industry…

Now… Gusto kong maka relate ka rin dito… dahil i believe na malaking tulong ito kung papaano mo magagawang makapag build ng brand online and separate yourself from the crowd.

I will share with you some of my tips and strategies na alam kong makakatulong sa’yo.

Pag-uusapan din natin dito what is the reason why you need to build and establish your own brand.

Here are some benefits if you are starting to brand yourself

  • Convey that you are established
  • Increase Credibility
  • Be more memorable
  • Stand out from the competition (don’t compete, you have to create)
  • To Look “Bigger” and Have a “Vision”
  • The people you want start to come and attract to you
  • You can position yourself as an Expert on your niche

Take note this Tips on How to Brand Yourself. (Very Important)

  • Pick a niche and get results… iba’t ibang klase ang niche or industry na pwede mong piliin if you are in the business of multi level marketing and direct selling your niche is in the marketing or network marketing industry and your goal in order to build your brand for that niche is create a massive awareness for people na nasa ganito din na industry.
  • Developing your brand… developing your own brand means  you need to learn a certain things in a certain ways, like for example natin sa niche ng network marketing ano ano ang mga dapat kong gawin at i focus para sa pag build ng brand.

Tips #1 Be Wise and Knowledgeable – You can never serve and teach people kung hindi ka knowledgable on your niche, that’s the number 1 tips ko sayo.

Tips #2 Focus on one thing & Master – Kung bago ka palang especially sa network marketing niche you need to identify where are you good at and then focus on that.

Building a brand is not a short term goal kailangan mo maunawaaan ang consistency and focus. You can learn a lot a things but you cannot do this in one single time.

How do i decide to build my Brand?

  • What are you good at?
  • What do you get excited to talk about?
  • What do people want to hear about?

If you want to get results in every niche… remember this “People buy results, they do not buy the process” So, in order for you to succeed and get branded? Identify first who are the client or audience you want to attract.

P.S. – I hope this blog post serves you and get value. If you have any questions about that topic, please leave a comment below. or if you want to learn more about branding simply comment below “I WANT TO LEARN MORE” Thank you so much for your time.

Talk to you soon…


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