EDDY ZHONG - A Young Successful Technology Entrepreneur

Eddy Zhong – A Young Successful Technology Entrepreneur

Jay Gregorio

Eddy Zhong, successful technology entrepreneur, dives into the truth behind our K-12 education system.

Eddy strongly believes that the education system diminishes creativity and confines children to a certain path towards success.

He contends that kids are taught to believe college is a necessary step in life and that it is mandatory to achieve one’s goals.

His talk challenges the commonly held beliefs of our entire education structure.

“No one has ever change the world, by doing that the world has told them”

– Eddy Zhong

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  1. Prosper Show
    October 12, 2017

    When passion comes, everything will be easy. Never be afraid to try the things that you know. Seeking guidance from the expert can bring a successful entrepreneur in you.

  2. Buy Box Experts
    October 7, 2017

    Being an entrepreneur doesn't have the right age, anyone can be one. What important is that you were able to give out your best in providing service that can make the life of people easier. Having the right support system can develop a successful entrepreneur.

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