The Battle of Video: Facebook vs. YouTube Who Wins?

The all-powerful video has been shown to not only attract large audiences–it also engages them, makes them feel, makes them act on those feelings. 

Success grew to the point that YouTube became the second biggest search engine after Google. 

But 2014 brought a power shift. Facebook Page owners, for the first time, were uploading more videos directly to Facebook instead of sharing from YouTube.

Facebook’s share of the video market has been growing ever since, forcing marketers to reconsider where to publish videos.

Before making a decision, it is important to define the criteria or metrics of video success and weigh them against the characteristics of each platform. 

4 Success Metrics To Consider: 

* Number of Views – How many people are actually watching your video? 

* Total Time Watching – Are people watching your entire video, or just the first few seconds before they move on to something else? When it comes to staying power, YouTube is the winner. 

* Engagement & Sharing – Are people watching your video because they want to? Are they commenting and/or reacting? 

* Conversions – Does your video actually lead your audience to make a purchase/visit your site/follow your call to action? 

You can entertain your audience no matter where you place your video, but when it comes to actually convert, who wins? 

Looking for an audience more suited to longer videos? YouTube. 

Are shares and comments more important to you than view count? 

Facebook. Want it all? Consider posting on both…

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