The 4 main types of Business Systems You NEED to Implement

There are four main types of business systems you need to create, regardless of what type of business you’re in. You’re almost guaranteed to make a fortune.

If you can create scalable and replicable systems in these four areas of your business: 

#1 Marketing system: generate a consistent flow of leads into the business 

#2 Sales system: lead nurturing, follow-up, and conversion 

#3 Fulfillment system: the actual thing you do in exchange for the customer’s money 

#4 Administration system: accounts, reception, human resources, and so on; support of all the other business functions. 

Regardless of what business you run, these four functions will be relevant to you. Many small businesses get bogged down with fulfillment and administration while neglecting their marketing and sales systems. 

After all, no one is pressuring you with deadlines to get you to do more marketing. All the seemingly urgent issues generally fall into the fulfillment and administration functions. 

This causes a common situation in which the business is struggling, even though they might be offering excellent products and services. 

The problem is that customers don’t find out how good your products and services are until they have bought from you. 

And if your marketing and sales systems aren’t in place, they will never buy in the first place and find out how good you are. It’s a vicious cycle.

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