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You’ll get everything you need from trainings, tools, support, and coaching so you can finally focus and build your dream digital business in the next 12 weeks...

Letter From: Jay Gregorio
Cavite, Philippines
Hi, My Name is Jay Gregorio 
Imagine if you could Start, Grow, & Scale your business in a SPACE where you are most COMFORTABLE.
And I want you to think that on building a successfull online business You Need a Blueprint.

A plan that You can follow-step-by-step to make things happen…

This is not an Online Course or Programs after you enrolled you just need to learn and implement the trainings by your own...

This is a group Coaching Program, Created for entrepreneurs like "YOU"... My Question Is, are You willing to take action?

A lot of entrepreneurs started to approach and asking me, “Jay” how you implement your program and the system for your online business?

My discovery started when the pandemic came here in the Philippines.

At that time our business is constantly growing fast even there’s a pandemic, but one day our business is one of affected and started to stop the operation.

Sad part, totally closed!

Also, I have a lot of friends that their traditional businesses is started to shutdown due to pandemic.

After so many days, weeks of thinking! 

What will happen in the next few months and years?

Covid-19 cases are growing around the world!

Instead of focusing on the problem…

I focus on the solution…

I started to research, enrolled with different programs, read a lot of books, and study the most successful entrepreneurs and businesses.

They are two things I discovered!

#1 – They all have multiple source of income (most of them are passive and 100% online)

#2 – They all have a branding website, community and membership site so that their customers, members, students are consistently growing and stay connected with them.

Let's Back to the #1 Thing! Starting A Digital Online Business

Did you know that, digital businesses or e-learning products are constantly growing day by day.

Elearning Market size is set to exceed USD 375 billion by 2026, according to a research report by Global Market Insights.

Coaching Business Market The estimated market size of the Coaching Industry is $15 billion in 2019 with a total of $7.5 billion worth market value in the US alone.

I expect the market value to reach $20 billion by 2022 with a 6.7% average yearly growth rate from 2019 to 2022.

In 2018, My first online course, I created is “ManyChat Academy” generate me over 800,000+ of sales in 1 year…

The 2nd is with my co-partners “Pinoy Ecom Academy” that generates over P493,920 of sales in the first 24 hrs.

… and when we started to run Facebook Ads, It generates over P3,396,030 of sales in 90 days.

digital course results

Did you see the BIG Picture?

People are going online, like never before…

Protect your future by equipping yourself as a digital coach.

This is the only pandemic-proof business model.

Udemy: Online course enrollment surged 425% amid lockdowns. enrollments increased by 425% in late March from the previous month’s baseline. In April, growth has largely remained above 300%.

The data supports from around the world that indicate the online learning industry has been boosted by lockdown measures designed to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Back to the #2 Thing! Personal Website & Membership

One of the mis-conception of people saying that website are not effective anymore…

Yes! Not-effective if you follow the old school and traditional method on creating a website!

What i teach is to model what works from successful online entreprenuers…

There’s a proven formula…

And you will discover all of these inside the program.

Now, Think Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, etc… All of these are social media, right?

Also, It’s a type of “Membership”

People create an account, and log-in!

People consume contents, connect with people and build relationship.


But, people are too much destructed for so many reasons, fake news, and garbage content, etc.

I believe that, We can do something different to aware people from this platform and help them to focus on their dream. Specially improve their lives and grow their skills and build their own online business.

So, What are the benefits of having a personal website and membership?

The problem is…

Online business requirements are constantly changing everyday— where can you go for help? 

And how will you afford that help?

When you get access to my coaching program that are designed to eliminate overwhelm, you’ll make BIG progress — you’ll be on your way!

I will personally teach you step-by-step… on “How To Monetize Your Message, Skills, Passion & Start Your Digital Marketing Business From Home”

Here’s what you get when you join the Online Business Academy Coaching Program

Online Business Academy

What Will You Learn?

Week#1 - How to Identify Your BIG Idea?

How to Identify your BIG idea? In this session you’ll learn and discover the pattern on how to identify your idea. I can help you move it into reality!


Week#2 - How to Find Your niche?

How to indentify your niche. In which area you want to give a solution to a particular problem? People want a solution to their problem, so you must be a problem solver. 
Your Target Avatar

Week#3 - Creating Your Customer Avatar

In this session, You’ll learn on how to create your avatar. As Seth Godin Says, “Everyone is not your customer” That’s Why, I can help you to pinpoint your specific target customer.

Your Target Avatar
Creating contents

Week#4 - How To Design Your Offers

I can show you the step by step framework on how to designed your high value offers (HVO) from topics, modules, lessons and make it irresistable! 

Week#5 - Choosing the right Platform

Choosing the right platform. Your platform can be the tools running 24/7 to share your contents and message.

Online Selling Machine

Week#6&7 - Building Your "Online Selling Machine"

In this session, I will teach you step by step on how to build your “Online Selling Machine” that can help you run your digital business 24/7.

content creation formula

Week#8 - Copy My Content Creation Formula

Copy my content creation formula and put in place to your business, It applies my top 5 key elements to make your contents stands out and add value to your audience

content creation formula

Week#9 - How To Get visitors, leads and Turn Them Into sales.

Promote using my top 5 FREE source of traffic and My Top 2 Paid source of traffic to get more visitors, leads and sales.

Email Marketing

Week#10 - how to consistently build your email subscribers?

Discover on how to consistently build your email subscribers, create email automations and nurture them to turn into your paying customers.

Email Marketing
Business Operation

Week#11 - building an operation for your team

To succeed in any business, It takes time, patience and You need a discipline. In this session i will share with you my experience on building an operation for your team. 

Week#12 - You made it! Special Training With Mr.X

You made it! Now you have completed the programs. It’s time to take your business grow and scale to the next new level.

Maybe You're Asking Yourself... "I Still Need Your Help and Support Coach Jay?"

Don't worry!

i Build my own Inner circle group, once you completed the 12 weeks Coaching program from Online Business Academy.

You have still a chance to work with me...

I will conduct a regular 2x a month LIVE Coaching Mastermind with all the students from Online Business Academy.

this is my Way of support with You, Helping yOU along your business journey on building your Online business.

Sounds Great! 🙂

"Are You Ready To Build Your Own Digital Marketing Business in the Next 12 weeks?"

To be honest, To Implement This Program & System It took me 5 years of trials And countless of failures. but, I have finally Discover the Step by step Process and I want to share It My expertise with you!


Start Here, and Create Your Dream Digital Business You Can Control

A convenient way to get started, You can learn and participate in my coaching program from the comfort of your home.

Anywhere that you have an internet connection! 🌏

The entire coaching program is completely digital so you can attend from anywhere using your laptop.

Today, you can begin to Launch Your Own Digital Business or you can continue to search for answers that will give you To much Information And Leads You To Overwhelm.

Online Business Academy

14,970 Special Offer Normally I Charge 50k/Student

Available only for the 1st 40 20 students

There is a cost of inaction:

PS – If you are fully decided to make a change, make a difference and ready to separate from 99% of people.

PPS – My mentor says that only “One Idea” can make you a millionaire, This is the beginning on taking action on that one Idea…


I am here to help you, so excited to work with you soon!


To your success,



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If you have a question related to this program you can ask directly to our group chat, get support inside the membership area and also chat our support from Monday – Saturday.

We will conduct a regular 2x mastermind every month via zoom.

12 weeks coaching program. 1x weekly meeting around 7:00pm-9:00pm

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