Fast Track Worldwide (FTW) Review 2019 : For The Win or For The Scam?

In the last few days, I saw a Facebook Post about Fast Track Worldwide. The post caught my attention so I read all the caption of the post.

They mentioned benefits on the post that seemed so interesting which lead me watch the FREE Video Training of Fast Track Worldwide.

The video presented me well with all the details of the company, it’s products, services, and all the valuable information that are needed.

I got caught up of the a BIG Idea on how we can really make a good amount of money using the internet through an innovative ecommerce strategy– which is the business model of the company.

Achieving time and financial abundance for my family and more.

The video showed me possibilities on achieving my goals and dreams for my family through this business.

Well, as a normal human being, I can’t stop asking myself if these are all true.

So I did my researched, due diligence to find out if this is really true!

I’ll lay out all the facts in this article and you can decide for yourself.

TIP : Before you join any New Business Opportunity, make sure about the legality of the company. The Founders, the support group, the system, the trainings and more. Information is only one click away. Mag-doubt ka. Mag-research ka. Learn about the company, your sponsors, their strategies. The products, the compensation plan and other important things.

But first, ano nga ba ang Fast Track Worldwide?

Fast Track Worldwide Inc. an E-commerce, Internet Business Education and a M.I.S ( Multi Income Source) Company.

Fast Track Worldwide Inc. was incorporated and registered under the laws of the republic of the Philippines on February 2019 with the securities and exchange commission under company registration number CS201902428

An e-commerce, privately owned business in the Philippines which features healthy, wellness, fitness, beauty, and lifestyle products.

They feature, internet marketing education and courses too! They have a fully automated system for you to leverage, customer services and even One-on-one business coaching for all it’s members! How cool is that!, di ba?

But wait, I want to detail it more to you so keep reading!

According to the them, Fast Track Worldwide is a 100% online business, which means you can do everything through the internet. And by everything, I mean everything. From selling to marketing and even referring. You can use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop to do business as long as it has an internet connection!

Vision: Fast Track Worldwide to be the future of business technology and to be recognized globally by providing innovative business opportunity and quality brands through a revolutionary system while adhering to the highest standards of excellence.

Mission:  To bless the lives of thousands of families across the globe with good health, lifestyle, life-changing income and freedom by empowering people with smart all-in-one business system. Our brand will ascend us into the top industries in the world with the most unique combination of products, innovative systems and services to dominate the marketplace

Fast Track Worldwide wants to provide new, very effective ways to do Online business easier and faster. They took traditional ways of direct selling and ecommerce to the next level, remove its hassles, and made it better and very innovative.

Wow. Sounds sweet, huh?

Question #1: Is Fast Track Worldwide a registered company?

Answer: Yes, it is. As mentioned earlier, Fast Track Worldwide Inc. was incorporated and registered under the laws of the republic of the Philippines on February 2019 with the securities and exchange commission under company registration number CS201902428

Here are some of the legalities of Fast Track Worldwide

Seems pretty legit, right?

Well, I think it is, too!

Question #2: Do the people behind the company let the public knows about their real identities?

Answer: Yes, and they are as follows:

Clive Llora is a seasoned entrepreneur who have built and owns a number of successful corporations. He is also a founder of an online academy, Author of The H2O Principle and through his skills and knowledge in business and ecommerce he was able to diversify and bring a whole new business model for many Filipinos.

Clive Llora

James Guillera is an HR Professional who’ve worked in a multiple multi-national companies abroad. In his journey as an online entrepreneur, he discovered new innovative ways in starting, growing and scaling online businesses. Today he is one of the taught leader, speaker and a mentor to many online Filipinos entrepreneurs. With his vision, the future of Fast Track Worldwide is bright.

James Guillera

He is a serial entrepreneur, who has built multiple Companies and a specialist in online and digital marketing. Also, he has extensive background in corporate finance, taxation and a Certified Public Accountant by profession. Today Rey Aldwin Valeriano is dedicated to inspire and empower thousands of Filipinos to achieve financial success through maximizing the internet.

Rey Aldwin Valeriano

Is a marketing professional and started his entrepreneurial journey a couple of years ago. He hustled his way from nothing and now he is one of the top internet entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Today he is fulfilling to empower thousands of Filipinos to start their own business and live the life of their dreams through Fast Track Worldwide.

Jeniel Aguilar

Over the last 5 years Jay Gregorio built a following of thousands entrepreneurs, he started to discovered online marketing strategy, business automation, email marketing and building sales funnel for many companies. His skills and knowledge impacted and transformed so many lives in the world of internet marketing and now with the mission of Fast Track Worldwide he is now continuing to inspire and serve the community.

Jay Gregorio

You can read their backgrounds and view their photos and even know their personal social media accounts.

They are always visible inside their Official Facebook Group, Youtube Channel, and all other platforms. You can rest assured that you’re dealing with real people, and not shady ones who are waiting in the dark and run away with your money.

Question #3:  Does Fast Track Worldwide have real products and services?

Answer: Yes, it does.  They have a variety of products around health, wellness, beauty, fitness and lifestyle.

They also have a certificate from FDA for it’s products

Since it’s Soft Launching last June 2019, they have released 4 best selling products in the market..

And as per the Founders, they are aiming to release more innovative and best-selling products these year 2019 called #InstaFitSeries, #InstaGlowSeries, #InstaFreshSeries and #InstaBoostSeries

Question #4: Are the products effective?

Answer: Well, according sa mga testimonials ng mga bumili at gumamit, yes they are. Also, transparent din ang Fast Track Worldwide sa ingredients and origins ng products nila, which are all high quality.

Question #5 : If the recruiting should stop, will I still earn?

Answer: Definitely! Recruiting is not mandatory. Actually, there are many ways to earn, so you can utilize any of those. Dahil nga marami at quality ang products, you can still earn big commissions without inviting or recruiting anyone. Kung di ka comfortable mag refer , you can always do ecommerce and enjoy the 40%-60% retail profit using the ecommerce system of Fast Track Worldwide

Question #6: Are there promises of large profits in the business without doing anything?

Answer: NO. Actually, there is a disclaimer in Fast Track Worldwide promotional pages. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Yes, you can earn large profits, but kailangan mong mag-invest ng time and effort. They even offer trainings, courses and webinars para mahasa mo ang skills and knowledge mo sa ganitong uri ng negosyo.

There you go. Fast Track Worldwide has passed my test..

So…. The Verdict: IT IS 100% LEGIT

Fast Track Worldwide Inc. is a Legit business because of the following reasons:

Registered in SEC, BIR, and FDA. They also have business permits to operate it’s business.

Recognized and Won Awards in just few months from operations.

The Founders have the guts of putting out their real faces and names for everybody to see. This speaks a lot about their intentions.

If you visit the company’s website (, the names of the founders were posted alongside a clear photo. This is a good sign because there are faces behind the company unlike other business opportunity companies out there that acts so shady that you don’t even know who owns or who found them.

They have tools, resources and webinars that help their members get the most out of the business opportunity.  It is called “Winner’s Elite Bootcamp”

They will even assign a one-on-one business consultation for you to have a clear path on how to succeed in this business..

– They also have a dedicated customer support that will always be there if you need help

The amazing part is the system, a complete ALL IN ONE BUSINESS SYSTEM.

It’s great that the company is doing everything that it can to help their members. If you visit their YouTube account, you will find videos there that can be of great help to you if you are a member

They also have videos on the products in their inventory and how they do the ecommerce/dropshipping assistance for all the orders of the members.

There’s a way to contact them. Their contact details are posted in their website. These details include a mailing address and a telephone number. You can directly leave your message right on their contacts page.

They even have a FREE MEMBERSHIP, they call it a FREE E-SELLER, where you can still earn using it’s ecommerce platform by selling it’s products and get a commission!

And lastly, THEY HAVE PRODUCTS you can sell! It means, your earnings is not just dependent on referrals or invites but you can earn and profit more by selling products. Imagine earning 40-60% Profit from it’s product SRP!

How to join Fast Track Worldwide?