Building a Community of Fans for Your Business

One of the things that separate extraordinary businesses from ordinary ones is that they lead tribes, tribes of raving fans—not just customers. In your business, a tribe member is a special type of customer.

Most ordinary businesses stop their marketing efforts once they’ve converted a prospect into a customer (in other words, the prospect buys from them).

This sort of transactional thinking keeps them stuck and puts a firm lid on their business growth.

There’s often a big difference between what people want and what people need. In many cases, it’s going to mean you need to spoon-feed them through the process of getting results.

You may have the best vitamin in the world, but you need to make it taste sweet so the kids will eat it. That’s giving them what they want but also what they need.

Helping your customers all the way through to achieving results will have a big payoff for both you and them.

Not doing so will shortchange the both of you. Remember your goal is to create a tribe of raving fans—not just transactions.

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