✍️ Here's My Story...

Bata pa lang ako, gusto ko ng maging successful, una para matulungan ko yung mga parents ko, pangalawa ay yung maibigay ko yung deserve na buhay ng family ko...

In 2016, I found online marketing by accident...

The idea is great, having an online business while at home an independent business na pwede mong gawin kahit nasaan ka, time freedom seemed very interesting right?

Unfortunately, I didn't any experience on building my own business, i don't have money that time, so i started to find a solution and got a partime job online as freelancer to start my online business.

My first 6 months was a disaster because I didn't know how to properly work the online marketing. I followed everyone was doing, but the result are nothing!

My lowest point in my life - I remember one night kailangan ng gatas ng anak ko, and that time i didn't have P10 on my pocket para pambili ng swak pack na bear brand ng araw na yun...


👊 My Breakthrough

I thank God, I never give up. And I'm so grateful that i didn't!

When you are in the lowest point of your journey, my advice is don't stop!

After I failing so hard, I started educating myself BIG time…

Read lot’s of books, search and attend a lot of seminar, digested so many trainings and find a real mentor because on my opinion having a mentor when it comes on building a successful business are very important!

Not only it will speed up your learning curve but you will also be guided the things to avoid.

After a few days... I made my first earning online...

1st chaching

In the next 6 months, I became the number #3 affiliates out of 65,000+ members in that same company that i was promoting. It's a real breakthrough for me!

👊 And Finally, The Dream Life!

my family

Most people say "money can't buy happiness" It depends! true happiness comes from within, not from possessions that can be bought... That's right!

But... When you have money you have so much time for your love one's, you don't need to go to abroad and work!


Time is made by God, and money is made by man.

You can always make more money, but you can NEVER make more TIME.

I went from zero to making at least 200,000 per month simply by selling other companies products as an affiliate.

I was generated over 5,000,000+ commission in less than 2 years...

And I want to tell you my friend YOU CAN DO THIS!

💪 Your Results, My Results...

I started to share my knowledge and experience for many people inside our community.

I've been blessed enough for the success of my students.

That's why i found my real mission and purpose in life...

Right now, I'm on a mission to help 10,000 entrepreneurs, start, build, and scale their own business online.

I believe everyone are deserves to be successful in life...

Ang sabi sa Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

my students


    1. i wont try it to improve my self actualy i m business online and cell phone i did not try to this……

  1. I’m really glad that I’ve met this guy Jay Gregorio. Sobrang knowledgeable niya when it comes to blogging. Isa siya sa mga tumulong sakin nung nagsisimula pa lang ako sa blogging journey ko. Coach Jay salamat ng marami. May God Bless you and your family 🙂

  2. Ngayun palang ako’y nagpapasalamat sayo Jay Gregorio,Now I start to learn about blogging para marami rin aqo matutunan at pangarap korin paano mag bussiness online.

    1. Hi Gina.. Have passion you can do this, if you want to be good anything in life you need a practice and attention. Focus first when you are good at… Develop more skills that will help you to become a better entrepreneur.

  3. Thanks sir for this opportunity and tips it gave me more eager to learn more despite many rejection on my online marketing.

  4. hello sir jay , gusto kong matutunan ang blogging .
    kasi kailangan sa business ko ,,matuturuan mo ba ako
    thank you,,godbless

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