12 Things To Do Before Becoming An Entrepreneur

There are things to keep in mind before making a jump from #employee to #entrepreneur.

Maybe you are thinking of quitting your job now and want to start your own business. 

There are some factors why you want to shift from employee to being an entrepreneur. Maybe because isa kang employee na gusto mo magsimula ng bago sa buhay mo. 

Pagod ka ng maging empleyado, at gusto mo naman maranasan ang buhay na ikaw ang boss. Na ikaw ang nasusunod, at hawak ang oras mo. Or you really want to experience time and financial freedom. 

But before you decide to quit your job put in mind that jumping to be an entrepreneur, you will face challenges that are far different from being an employee. 

So let’s begin discussing what things you need to consider before you jump into entrepreneurship. 

1. Responsibility 

2. Timing 

3. Comfort zone 

4. Learning new skills 

5. Business Models 

6. Passion 

7. Working Hours 

8. Confidence 

9. Strong Mindset 

10. Validation

11. Milestone 

12. Money Management

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